no time for truth

In today’s world, things that take a lot of time, like truth, trust, promises, and responsibility, are disappearing.

There is no time for truth because things move so quickly. People are more influenced by their emotions than by logic and these emotions change quickly. This makes life less stable.

Things like loyalty, commitment, and dependability also take a lot of time. When these things are gone, life is less stable. We need to find a way to make life more stable by taking more time for important things.

We spend a lot of time looking at information – but this kind of looking does not give us a long or slow view.

Information makes us short-sighted and breathless.

We can’t stay and look at information for a long time. Instead of taking time to contemplate things, we chase after information, but don’t gain any knowledge.

We know lots of things, but don’t understand any of them.

We travel everywhere but don’t experience anything.

We communicate a lot but don’t become part of a community.

We keep a lot of data but don’t remember anything.

We have lots of friends and followers, but don’t meet anyone.

So, we end up with a life without any real substance or permanence.

recommended book:

“Undinge, Umbrüche der Lebenswelt”,

Byung-Chul Han (2021) 

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